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Ron Tyrrell

Ron TyrrellWe are pleased to announce that Ron Tyrrell, Contributing Writer and Physical Culturist has joined us! View Ron's fascinating bio and informative articles.


The History of Physical Culture

Our website is dedicated to the preservation of the History of Physical Culture and to serve as an educational resource for physical culturists, researchers, the academic community and PC followers in general. Our vast Library contains original works of David Gentle, Author & Historian, plus historical reproductions of articles, books, training courses, rare photos and illustrations.   Check "Latest Installment" for exciting new arrivals or browse the Author's index.  New work is added daily!

Joe Weider

Joe Weider, "A Personal View"
by David Gentle 
Published in Health & Strength (UK) in July, 2013, Issue 3
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The name Weider comes from an old Russian/Jewish word meaning the man who lived near the willow trees.  For bodybuilders, it means anything from "The Master Blaster", "The Maker/Trainer of Champions", "Weedy" or just "Uncle Joe.". Even Joe used noms de plume or aliases, when it suited him.  But as the bard says, "What's in a name?".  "A rose by another other name is just as sweet." - David Gentle

Spalding Muscle

Spalding's Muscle Building
by Luther Gulick, M.D. (1865 - 1918)

Published by Renwick of Otley, London and printed for the proprietors by Goodall & Suddick (1916) Ltd.
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 "Many business men at forty are fat and flabby; their arms are weak, their hands are soft and pulpy, their abdomens are prominent and jelly-like.  When they run a block for a train, they puff and blow like disordered gasoline autos."  - Luther Gulick

Eugen Sandow

Eugen Sandow
by David Willoughby

Date and Source unknown Contributed by Tony Holland
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"Around the turn of the century, Sandow was considered to have a perfectly proportioned body. Did he really?  Every magazine devoted to weight training should include occasional articles in this field that deal with old-time celebrities as well as present-day idols.
- David Willoughby




British Columbia, Canada

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Our deep gratitude to Gil Waldron, Contributing Editor who donated his vast collection of work from his acclaimed website "Sandow Museum" which was closed earlier this year due to the sad passing of Roger Fillary. We ask for your patience as we continue to publish this material to our site..

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