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Our website is dedicated to the preservation of the History of Physical Culture and to serve as an educational resource for physical culturists, researchers, the academic community and PC followers in general. Our vast Library contains original works of David Gentle, Author & Historian, plus historical reproductions of articles, books, training courses, rare photos and illustrations.   Check "Latest Installment" for exciting new arrivals or browse the Author's index.  New work is added daily!

Thomas Inch

A Manual of Physical Training by Thomas Inch

A Manual of Physical Trianing by Thomas InchPublished in 1921
Part One  l  Part Two  l  Part Three
"I can look back upon 50 years devoted to Physical Culture training myself (I have always been a self-trained athlete), training others - champions in every branch of sport, some of them - quite a few - world's champions.  Club swingers, channel swimmers, boxers, wrestlers, weight-lifters, jumpers, runners, cyclists, "best developed men" all put my knowledge to the test - in view of their many successes I feel that my methods and ideas emerged with a certain amount of credit." - Thomas Inch  

Antone Matysek


Flexing Course by Daniel D. MatysekPublished in 1921
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"This course is a brief and complete explanation of the MUSCLE FLEXING SCIENCE and how to use it for your personal physical advantage and supremacy. You are asked to devote 5 minutes every day or 15 minutes every other day to its practice. This practice must be indulged in your own room, when you are alone, so that nothing will interfere with your training sessions."  - Antone Matysek

Ed Jubinville

That's Muscle Control by Ed Jubinville

Thats Muscle Control by Ed Jubinville
Contributed by Ron Tyrrell
Part One  l  Part Two
"This is a book about the art of muscle control.  Its purpose is to give you an overview of how muscle control is mastered; you will also learn that muscle control can play a major role in improving your performance as a bodybuilder or competitive athlete.  Muscle control is not complicated, but it will require patient, consistent practice."
- Ed Jubinville



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