We are proud to introduce to you the members of our HOPC Team who work hard behind the scenes to bring you the History of Physical Culture Library.  Members of our Team contribute from various parts of the world including Canada, England, Wales, United States and Australia.

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Diane Robert David Gentle Peter Yates Gil Waldron Ron Tyrrell Laurie Smith
Diane Robert
Chief Librarian/
Site Administrator
David Gentle,
acclaimed Historian
& Author
Peter Yates
HOPC Editor In Chief
United States
Gil Waldron
Research Historian,
Library Co-Founder
Ron Tyrrell
Historian &
Laurie Smith
Historian &
Contributing Writer Australia
Ray Nobile
Ray Nobile
Contributing Writer
Harry Hayfield
Harry Hayfield
Social Media Contributor
Chris Sticks  Bostick
In Honor of the  Late Chris "Sticks"
HOPC Art Director
United States

History of Physical Culture Library

Our Library contains two decades of collective literary work and rare historical publications from the early 1900's to modern times. The Library has become a remarkable source of inspiration for people of all ages. It provides resources to meet the needs of individuals, historians, media outlets, scholars, researchers and the academic community. It contains hundreds of rare books, articles and photos donated by collectors from all over the world who support our vision to preserve history.  The HOPC Team of historians and writers voluntarily contribute their literary work from Canada, England, United States and Australia. Illustrations by Chris Bostick, HOPC Art Director bring these historical treasures alive!


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