Customize Your Training for Rapid Results That Endure By David Gentle

Illustration by Chris “Sticks” Bostick

Are you training hard and yet still not making gains? If so, here is the time proven, best way to train.

We offer you a training system, which once you decide your own personal body-type will produce the best results just for YOU. Avoid the wrong system and time wasting schedules and choose your own individual approach for rapid results.

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Muscle Q & A by David Gentle

First in David Gentle’s Q & A  series.   David is an internationally acclaimed Physical Culture historian and author and has contributed to over 25  top Muscle magazines .  Acknowledgement to Dianne Bennett, former editor of Body Power magazine (ceased publication) where David’s series first appeared.


I am 25 years old and 5’6″. If I take up bodybuilding, will it help me to grow taller?


TO be blunt, NO! Height is determined mainly by hereditary factors, plus the results of exercise and diet in your formative years.  All you can do now is to ensure good posture, sit and stand ‘tall’ at all times.

Many, many bodybuilders today belong to the short classes and have excellent physiques. Make the most of what you are and indeed take up bodybuilding.

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The Evolution of Women Weight Trainers

Historian David Gentle examines the evolution of women weight trainers throughout history including Kate Sadwina (World’s Strongest Woman of her era), Aussi Bev Francis World’s Strongest Woman 1980, Jan Todd one of the strongest females of all time in powerlifting, America’s ‘Pudgy’ Stockton plus many more!

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Bodybuilding for Teenagers by David Gentle

Barry Smith, Datom’s Health Club – Photo: Shelley
“A very high percentage of bodybuilders commence training in their early ‘teens’. Youth is a time of high motivation for self-improvement and the obtaining of a satisfactory self image. It is also a time of much doubt, despair, and even agony.”
Includes two workout programs for beginners.
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