The Evolution of Women Weight Trainers

Historian David Gentle examines the evolution of women weight trainers throughout history including Kate Sadwina (World’s Strongest Woman of her era), Aussi Bev Francis World’s Strongest Woman 1980, Jan Todd one of the strongest females of all time in powerlifting, America’s ‘Pudgy’ Stockton plus many more!

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Bodybuilding for Teenagers by David Gentle

Barry Smith, Datom’s Health Club – Photo: Shelley
“A very high percentage of bodybuilders commence training in their early ‘teens’. Youth is a time of high motivation for self-improvement and the obtaining of a satisfactory self image. It is also a time of much doubt, despair, and even agony.”
Includes two workout programs for beginners.
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Recent Updates

Recent Updates
 Here is a sample of the latest articles for the month of November. Featuring American Champion Bodybuilder Marvin Eder, Dr. Ken Leo Rosa (Music, Muscles & Martial Arts, Thomas Inch, Britain’s Strongest Man, Great Muscle Matches of 1907 and John Lees, The Man Who Never Gave Up!

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Arm Bulk and How by John Everett

Published Vigour magazine April 1952 – Part Two

Henry Atkin demonstrating the Seated Triceps Stretch with swingbell.

THE TROUBLE with most people, bodybuilders included, is that they remain satisfied with too little. Far too many people are content with insignificant achievements. They get so far and no further. How many bodybuilders are content with just a little better than average physique? What is it that prevents people from carrying on to really outstanding achievement after their first burst of enthusiastic application? The answer is DRIVE…the vital mental compelling factor activated by…


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This Way for Arm Bulk by John Everett

Published in Vigour Magazine January 1952 – Part One
The man with the World’s Most muscular Arms, Melvin Wells, is shown in this photo kindly supplied by Peary Rader.

WHO DOES NOT ADMIRE a large, V full sized arm? Who can fail to be impressed by a pair of large, well-shaped muscular arms? Yet how many bodybuilders fail to obtain real impressive arm bulk! They may get to thirteen or fourteen inches but there they are stuck. The fact is that you cannot get your arms to their fullest possible size and fleshy bulk when following all-round training, and that arm specialization training is necessary.

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