Pat McShane, Maker of the Iron Men by Andrew Reid

The Author recounts his personal story how he became involved in weight training and the unforgettable impact his mentor, Pat McShane had on his life and in reaching his strength and physique goals.   The author’s journey began with the BULLWORKER system which “whetted his appetite.” One day his journey lead him to the Coatbridge Health and Strength Club in the town where he lived in Scotland.  The owner was Pat McShane, “a stocky powerhouse of a guy”.

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(c)Pat McShane, Maker of the Iron Men by Andrew Reid

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3 thoughts on “Pat McShane, Maker of the Iron Men by Andrew Reid”

  1. I really enjoy reading personal stories and tributes to those who have paved the way.Andrew has done a great job in detailing his own beginnings in the iron game and paying homage to his mentor,certainly a man who should not be over looked.We need more like Pat McShane.

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