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Hepburn’s Law by Doug Hepburn

Hepburn’s Law by Doug Hepburn

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Introduction by Peter Yates, HOPC Editor

As a youngster there was nothing to suggest the latent potential possessed by Doug Hepburn. However once he had commenced training he promised himself to become the strongest man in the world. In order to achieve this end he embarked on various methods of training, while keeping detail of the results, discarding what was not useful and creating a system that worked from that which obviously worked for him. He became one of the very strongest men of all time and remained so for most of his life.

It had a similar effect for others who put the necessary time and effort into his programs. Hepburn’s system is not flashy but is based on solid training principles which if followed will cut out a lot of wasted effort in a trainee’s quest for both increased strength and muscle size. This is a system for building a firm foundation from which other types of training may be employed. If you are seeking real world power and muscular size look no further than Hepburn’s Law.

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