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Massive Muscularity in 3 Months by David Gentle

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We are pleased to bring you David Gentle’s popular and highly successful book entitled, “HOW TO GAIN MASSIVE MUSCULARITY IN 3 MONTHS.   

DAVID GENTLE  is a PC historian and author.  For several decades, he was a contributing writer for over 25 of the world’s leading muscle magazines.

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How to Triple Your Sinew Power by George F. Jowett

Pictured above author, George F. Jowett.
Massive manhood in relaxation.  George F. Jowett at the zenith of his physical glory, 209 lbs. stripped.  Note the breadth of the back, the sweep of the shoulders into that tremendously thick-muscled arm.  The clean-cut hips and legs proclaim the gigantic panther-like strength he possessed.  If he spread that back and tensed that arm, he would be twice as big.  A wonderful picture story of a great bodybuilder and strength athlete who will be always gratefully remembered in America as the Father of Weight Lifting.” – Earle. E. Liederman

HOPC Ed. Note: While the old timers trained to build bigger and stronger muscles, they were very well aware that the real foundation of strength and muscular growth lay in the development of bone, tendon, ligament and connective tissue in general. Specific exercises are needed to achieve this end. Partial movements and heavy supports were some of the ways the early performing Strongmen built this foundation.

Presented is a nice set by GEORGE F. JOWETT that is as valuable today, for aspiring Strongmen, as when it was first written.” -Peter Yates

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Developing The Forearms By Steve Reeves, Mr. Universe 1950

“When you train your forearms for size and power you automatically step up your all-around ability. The muscles of the lower arm are not usually developed as rapidly as the other muscle groups of the body, yet once size and power are obtained, they are kept longer than any other group.”-Steve Reeves

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Basic Power Equipment Increases your Lifting Power

By Charles A. Smith, World’s Leading Weightlifting Instructor
“Squats and deadlifts, despite the heap of abuse thrown at them from certain quarters, are the exercises that lay the Foundations, the BASIC POWER.
These are the lifts, the exercises, that pack the thighs and entire back with STRENGTH. It is useless for a would-be lifter to think of entering Olympic Lifting unless he HAS power of back and thigh. AND IT IS JUST AS FOOLISH FOR EXPERIENCED MEN TO EXCLUDE THESE SQUATS AND DEADLIFTS FROM THEIR TRAINING.”- Charles A. Smith

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Weight Training Helps Top Sportsmen By Bill Edwards

Published in Eagles Sports Annual 1959
“Weight training as applied to sport is not quite the same as that for weightlifting. It is not a question of lifting huge totals, but using weights as a resistance against which to develop required muscles. Thus, different exercises have been worked out for different sports, and it is all done scientifically.”-Bill Edwards Subscribe by visiting www.davidgentle.com

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PowerTalk by David Gentle

David Gentle is an internationally acclaimed Physical Culture Historian and Author.  Contributing writer for dozens of “Muscle” magazine worldwide.
Unlike most sports or occupations which are limited, bodybuilding, muscle building, strength lifting and physical culture has an enormous amount of variety. There are so many facts and facets one never needs to be bored.

Tales of old time and modern strength to keep you inspired and to enjoy training. Ideas for new goals, not just three lifts, but dozens of strength trials to attempt. Read about the amazing lives and heroic accounts of weight lifting /training adepts throughout history, via circus strongmen, music hall acts and memories, sporting events and learn how many took up training inspired by earlier champions to become champions themselves. Thus the practice and love of the IRON GAME continues to not only live on, but to thrive with new idea and up and potential heroes for the next generation.-David Gentle, Historian & Author Visit   Subscribe – www.davidgentle.com


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