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A Simplified Cable System by Bob Hoffman

BOB HOFFMAN who was an athlete, nutritionist, weightlifter, coach and philanthropist was born on a farm in Tifton, Georgia on Nov 9th 1898.  His business, the York Barbell Company was an enormous success.  Hoffman designed the “Simplified Cable System” as a ‘time-saver’ which he claimed offered excellent results. In the article he notes that the use of his four other courses remains the best way to train to obtain maximum physical benefits yet significant gains could be made with the simplified system. Originally published in Strength and Health magazine Dec. 1941.
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All About Strand Pulling by Syd Devis

A Must-Read for Strand-Pullers & Weightlifters Alike!
Author, SYD DEVIS was a retired, undefeated professional 9 st. and 10 st. World Champion Strand-Puller and Record Holder. He was also the Technical Adviser to the British Amateur Strand-Pulling Association. This highly informative books covers a full range of strand-pulling topics along with 34 fully illustrated exercises carefully explained.

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