The Russian Lion by By Gord Venables Siegmund Klein & Milo Steinborn

GEORGE HACKENSCHMIDT (Aug 2nd 1878 – Feb 19th 1968), known as “The Russian Lion”, was considered one of the strongest athletes in history.
“He  was born of German & Swedish descent in Estonia, once part of the USSR, independent and rightly proud of its famous countryman. A ‘strong-man’ from the age of 18, he became a champion wrestler by 1900. He then continued an unrivaled career as a word-class wrestler, winning many prestigious awards. His career culminated in a match with the renowned Frank Gotch which he lost. He retired in 1911 and went on to write several books on both philosophy and physical culture. He remained in contact with the fight and strength fraternity. Hackenschmidt died at the age of 90, in London, in 1968.”-Roger Fillary  Enjoy this fascinating look at Hackenschmidt, the man and his extraordinary career as an athlete.


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One thought on “The Russian Lion by By Gord Venables Siegmund Klein & Milo Steinborn”

  1. Although i have great respect for all the old timers and PC pioneers, i have a particular fondness for Hackenschmidt. He was a true all round athlete and well rounded human being. Strong, a great wrestler and to my mind one of the best physiques of his generation that anyone today would be proud to possess.Nice to know he had both a long and interesting life.

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