Man Mountain by Steve Maynard

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Man Mountain by Steve Maynard

Postby drob357 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:06 pm



By Steve Maynard

PRIMO CARNERA - “He can’t box or punch,” they said… …but he beat the best and won the championship with one blow! They called him the ‘Man Mountain’, ‘Satchel Feet’ and the ‘Ambling A/p’… …but he won the Heavyweight Championship of the World!

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Re: Man Mountain by Steve Maynard

Postby DannyBoy » Mon Oct 24, 2016 4:05 am

Nice little read and I like that photo of Primo Carnera with Milo Steinborn in a headlock. Thanks for the contribution Peter and thanks for posting the article Diane!

Some say Primo Carnera was mob controlled and many of his fights were fixed, including his World Heavyweight Championship winning effort against Jack Sharkey (though Sharkey always denied taking a dive), while others argue otherwise. The author of this article is obviously one of the latter. Whatever case, Primo Carnera was certainly an interesting figure and a big attraction in both professional boxing & professional wrestling.

By the way, the movie mentioned towards the end of the article that Primo appeared in with Max Baer a few months before their eventually World Heavyweight Title showdown in real life is named The Prizefighter and the Lady. Maxie played the lead character Steve Morgan while Primo played himself, and the movie also starred Myrna Loy, Walter Houston & Otto Kruger. The great former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey appeared as himself as well and there were also a few other boxer cameos. I've seen it a couple times and it's a good boxing-related film, I enjoyed it anyway.

The Prizefighter and the Lady (1933) - IMDb
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Re: Man Mountain by Steve Maynard

Postby David Gentle » Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:28 pm

I remember seeing El Primo wrestling down Southamptons old football ground(The Dell) it must have been in the early '50s.I know the ref was a little Italian name of Lou marco, The "match" against whom i have no recal, was boring, but it was interesting to watch Carnera still quite agile and able to "work " the match. Notice in one of the photos, he is putting on an arm lock, but "working it" so that he turns the arm and no pressure goes against the joint. If had turned the forearm, he could have broken the other guys arm like a match stick. A really young, newcomer on the cards was a "young lad" from London. MICH MC MANUS., then a baby face, later of course a real "nasty". I once asked Mick Mc Manus,(not his real name) for a photo and said,"Give us a smile" He said "Sorry Dave, cant smile, it will ruin my reputation" Althoough 99 percent of wrestling is entertainment, the fued between Mc Manus and Jackie Pallo was real, they genuinely hated each other. Mick began his physical culture on a course from Fred Unwin, see old adverts in Health and Strength. My Mate Bob Kirkwood another pro wrestler, was Mick's chaufer and can tell some great stories. David Gentle
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