George Hackenschmidt

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George Hackenschmidt

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156-page book published in 1935. Included in the book is "THE STORY OF MY LIFE" by the Author
This book is considered to be the largest selling Physical Training Book of its time.



"GEORGE HACKENSCHMIDT, the author of this book was one of the greatest Strength athletes the world has ever seen. Best known as the world's champion wrestler in the early years of this century. He was also famous as a strong man and all-around athlete. His first specialty was cycling at which he won numerous prizes. Wrestling and weightlifting were the chief sports during the indoor season, which was quite lengthy in Russia where he then lived.

While still in his teens he excelled world's records and later throughout his career created records in strength feats and lifting which either stand today or have been beaten by the smallest of margins. He excelled at swimming. jumping and running, in short at any line of physical endeavor. When he visited this country, late in his wrestling career, he illustrated his agility by jumping over a series of six rubbing tables and turning a forward somersault with a pair of 50-pound dumbbells in his hands. Most unusual and difficult feats.

He is considered to be the greatest wrestler of modern times at real wrestling, butting and foot twisting and tricks which are now a part of wrestling came into popularity or use about the time Hackenschmidt retired from the game of wrestling. Hackenschmidt lived a most unusual and colorful life. He travelled the world, known intimately presidents and kings. Well educated, in later, years he became a writer and lecturer on philosophy. His recent photo shows him as he appeared on a visit to this country in the summer of 1939. He was here to lecture on philosophy at Harvard and Yale universities. He's an outstanding example of the old Greek Adage, "A sound mind in a sound body," or its modem counterpart, the Strength and Health magazine slogan, "Devoted to the Culture of Mind and Body". His great success at strength sports, lifting, wrestling and other athletics, his splendid condition at present with a minimum of physical training during these last 35 years, best illustrates that he “knows whereof he speaks,” and really knows “the way to live.”

When you follow the advice of George Hackenschmidt, you take instruction from a man who has done things, a man who follows his own system of living with great success as you too can do. His, is not a case of do as I say, but do as I do and have done. Born a Russian, Hackenschmidt married a French woman and is now a citizen of France.
This book is considered to be the largest selling Physical Training Book of all time. It is in its 21st large printing. The best proof of its excellence and the splendid results many thousands of men and women have received from the instruction it contains. It should be in the library of every strength and health seeking man or woman."
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