The Best Physical Culturists of the last century

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The Best Physical Culturists of the last century

Post by Harry Hayfield » Mon Dec 31, 2018 3:45 am

Starting tomorrow, I intend to mark the last year of the 2010's, by finding the best physical culturists of the last 100 years. This will be done over the course of the year with each month a person being classed as that decade's best physical culturist before declaring an overall winner on New Year's Eve 2019. This is how the scheme will work:

Between the 1st and 7th of each month, a new thread will be opened seeking nominations for that decade. Nominations will close at 0000 PST / PDT on the 8th and then from the 8th until the 21st I will profile in detail all those duly nominated, then from the 22nd until the day before the end of the month registered members will be able to rank those nominations in order of preference for me to calculate the winner who (if members are agreeable to it) could be used as the background for the banner we have at the top of the page.

The schedule will work as follows:
January: 1910's, February: 1920's, March: 1930's, April: 1940's, May: 1950's, June: 1960's, July: 1970's, August: 1980's, September: 1990's, October: 2000's, November: 2010's

Then in December 2019, all the monthly winners will go against each other from December 2nd until December 29th with a winner announced on New Year's Eve 2019 as the best physical culturist of the last 100 years.
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