The 15 Best Bodybuilders Who Never Went Pro

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The 15 Best Bodybuilders Who Never Went Pro

Post by DannyBoy » Fri Dec 18, 2015 2:00 pm

Here's a good article Flex Online did some time back ranking the 15 best bodybuilders who never went pro: ... 7/6096.pdf

It's in PDF format and 8 pages long. For anyone who's not able to view PDFs or just doesn't wanna go through & read the entire article, then here's the list Flex came up with:

15. Billy Smith
14. Robert Lopez
13. Paul Grant
12. Harry Dodich
11. Manny Perry
10. Gunnar Rosbo
09. Bronston Austin Jr.
08. Moses Maldonado
07. Beau Matlock
06. Jim Haislop
05. Pierre Vandensteen
04. Edgar Fletcher
03. Ahmet Enunlu
02. Rory Leidelmeyer
01. Matt Mendenhall

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