Siegmund Breitbart

Siegmund Breitbart (1883 – 1925)

“Zisha was a Polish Jew living in Berlin. He traveled extensively with Circus Busch, the largest circus in the world at the time. He was called the IRONKING (he came from a family of blacksmiths). He bent iron bars around his arm in floral patterns, bit through iron chains or pulled them apart. He tore a horseshoe in half, held back two horses who were whipped, pulled a wagon-load of people with his teeth. He also laid on his back and supported enormous weights such as an automobile (They were pretty heavy then, and it was filled with 10 passengers). A bridge was built across his chest, which was called the Tomb of Hercules position, and heavy animals (such as a bull, an elephant, etc.) were paraded over it.”-Gary Bart, Siegmund’s Great-Nephew

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A Tribute to Siegmund Brietbart by Gary Bart


Published in 1924
“Health and strength are Life’s most priceless jewels, though but few possess these great physical riches. The ancient Greeks almost worshipped the human body. Bodily worship was to a certain extent a part of their religion and everyone to-day knows that they were a nation of great athletes as well as great thinkers.”


Published in 1927
“In starting you off with my Course, I want you to carefully read and understand every word I have written here, as you will find that you will be in a better position to understand and execute the lessons I have prepared for you.” – Siegmund Breitbart

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