Martin “Farmer” Burns (1861 – 1937)

Martin “Farmer” Burns was born on February 15, 1861 in a log cabin in Cedar County, Iowa.

In his time Martin Farmer” Burns wrestled over 6,000 matches in every type of situation from grading camps to circuses and lost only 7. He won the World Wrestling Title in 1895 when he defeated Evan “Strangler” Lewis and retained the title until 1897 when he was defeated by Tom Jenkins. He later won and held the light heavy weight title until 1908. Burns weighed only 175 pounds but defeated many of the great wrestlers of the day-some of which out weighed him by 50 or 100 pounds. He had a very strong neck that measured 20 inches and allowed him to perform one of his favorite stunts of doing a six-foot hangman’s drop which he performed many times.

One of his greatest accomplishments was taking another Iowa farm boy, Frank Gotch and developing him into a world champion wrestler.”- Gordon Anderson – SEE FULL STORY IN THE HOPC LIBRARY BY SUBSCRIBING TODAY.

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