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The History of Physical Culture (HOPC) is a non-commercial website containing one of the largest and most comprehensive online libraries of its kind. Along with contemporary work and biographies donated by its talented team of historians and writers, it contains hundreds of rare books, articles and photos donated by collectors from around the world who support our vision to preserve history. It proudly offers resources to meet the needs of individuals, historians, media outlets, scholars, researchers and the academic community. If you are interested in joining, please visit our Subscribe page.

Operating costs include annual business hosting package for our vast Library, annual domain and SSL security certificate etc., along with a small stipend payable to Robert Web Studio for website work, graphic design, content and general website/forum maintenance and upgrades.

Based on the high cost of advertising, we rely on our followers to help spread the word about the HOPC to their friends and families. We wish to thank you for your continued support.

We are grateful for your donations, no matter how small, Through your kind and generous support we will continue to work diligently to preserve the history of Physical Culture.
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