By David F. Gentle

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Author: David F. Gentle
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Pages: 56
Year Published: 1982

We are pleased to bring you David Gentle’s popular and highly successful book entitled, “Gain Massive Muscularity in 3 Months”.

It would be no exaggeration to say that Physical Culture Historian and Author, DAVID GENTLE has written more on the topic of strength and muscle development than anyone in the history of the Iron Game. For almost seven decades he has had his articles published in every major Bodybuilding and Strength related journal, under his own name, pen names and also as ghost writer for many champions. Besides this he has also found time to write several books and training courses, including the ‘Massive Muscles’ book.

This book offers solid training information that if put into practice as discussed will have the promised effect. David not only details the exercises and programs to achieve this end, but also addresses diet and the role that recuperation plays in training. A unique section of the book explains how the development of the mind is used to achieve great gains. This alone is worth the price of the book.

To be honest I can think of no better book for the fledgling muscle man or woman or those coming back from a layoff. The wisdom in the pages and the training templates can as one gains more experience be adjusted and constantly used through out one’s training life. Although written several years ago everything contained in the pages is as valid today as when first laid down and will be so one hundred years from now. -Peter Yates, HOPC Editor

Table of Contents

  • Introduction Chapter One
  • Your Health and Body Type
  • Chapter Two Emotions, Attitudes and Hypnosis for MASSIVE MUSCLES
  • Chapter Three Vitamins for BUILDING MUSCLE  
  • Chapter Four Diet and MUSCLE BUILDING
  • Chapter Five Getting started with your training
  • Chapter Six Your first month’s schedule for MASSIVE MUSCLES
  • Chapter Seven Your second month’s schedule for MASSIVE MUSCLES
  • Chapter Eight Your third month’s schedule for MASSIVE MUSCLES
  • Chapter Nine How to measure yourself, and progress charts
  • Chapter Ten Hints and tips and a general summing up of training and diet, to help you gain and maintain MASSIVE MUSCULARITY

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