By Gil Waldron, HOPC Research Historian & Contributing Writer

Henry B. Paschall

Harry Barton Paschall was born in 1898, and encouraged by seeing performances of the Saxons and Sandow on their tours of America quickly became a devotee of Physical Culture.
Embracing the Calvert creed of commonsense in training he became an accomplished national lifter.
As a writer in the 1940’s he courted controversy, by publishing a series of articles in Strength and Health criticizing certain publishers of bodybuilding mags, saying they were bringing the game into disrepute by marketing “Gay” magazines. But he was probably better known for his down to earth articles, sense of humour and his alter ego, the larger than life cartoon character ‘Bosco’.
When everybody else was promising muscles overnight by Bombing and Blitzing, Harry wrote of sensible methods that really worked. I believe Muscle Moulding was one of the best books written on Bodybuilding.

(c) Henry B. Paschall by Gil Waldron

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