By Chris STICKS Bostick


Price: $3.95
Author: Chris STICKS Bostick
Instructional Manual – Fully Illustrated
Book Type: Downloadable PDF
Pages: 8 Published: 2017

Bonus: Purchase this course booklet and receive a copy of STICK’s “Wearable Weights” that will enhance your workout routine.

This “How-To” fully illustrated manual will help you build Herculean Hardware for your home gym. The author guides you carefully each step of the way with detailed instructions and skillfully crafted illustrations.

In this Volume STICKS presents the Gin Wheel Lat machine. He notes, “I was about 16 when flipping through a copy of Strength and Health. I saw JOHN GRIMEK perched on a little wooden box seat doing lat pulldowns in an old York power rack. His lat machine was nothing more than a giant pulley with the hook clamped over the chinning bar, one end attached to a piece of pipe the other to a weight holder. Gotta get my hands on one of them! I asked Dad where I could find such a rig and he looked at the picture and said, “Oh that’s a gin wheel”. “ A wahhh Dad?”

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