by MAXICK and Monte Saldo

Reproduction Now On Sale

RARE Reproduction

A RARE reproduction of MAXALDING MUSCLE CONTROL by MAXICK and MONTE SALDO (1909) is now available in the HOPC Book Store and features a full Table of Contents for you to browse prior to your purchase. This downloadable PDF book contains 141 pages of fully illustrated exercises and techniques described in detail.

This result-producing book continues to be popularized by Physical Culturists from around the world.

Don’t delay, purchase your copy today by visiting the HOPC Book Store.

“A big thank you Diane, for all of the time and effort put into producing this book. The original Maxalding site was started by Gil Waldron to bring those who had been influenced by Maxalding together, to make the work known and available for a new generation and to mark its place in the Physical Culture History. HOPC under the leadership of Diane has continued with those early ideals.This work is for anyone with even the slightest interest in MUSCLE CONTROL as developed by MAXICK and MONTE SALDO ,and a must for the die hard fans. Please be aware that all proceeds will go to making sure this wonderful site can continue to operate and provide a wealth of historical information,rare books, images and original material. Let us show Gil we remember and honor his goal and Diane that we appreciate all of the often thankless work she does in the background,while at the same time having access to a Classic text.”
– Peter Yates, Editor-in-Chief, HOPC

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