By Peter Yates



Price: $12.95

Author: Peter Yates

Acknowledgements: Laurie Smith, Physical Culture and Movie Historian

Book Type: Downloadable PDF

Pages: 75

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Great John L. Sullivan
  • Xavier Bushman, The King of the Movies
  • The Cowboy Kings, Rulers of the Range
  • Ray “CRASH” Corrigan, King of the Apes
  • Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Swashbuckler of Silver Screen
  • Noble Johnson, The Man of Many Races
  • Maciste George O’Brien, “A Man’s Man in Hollywood”
  • Tom Tyler, The First Superhero of the Screen
  • Rudolph Valentino, The Great Latin Lover
  • Cornel Wilde

The “Movie Muscle Series” represents a wonderful compilation of the Author’s favourite actors whose physique and physical prowess graced the silver screen during a special era in history.  Special thanks to LAURIE SMITH, Physical Culture and Movie Historian (our AUS correspondent) for sharing his knowledge and the images from his private photo collection. 

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