By Peter Yates, HOPC Editor-in-Chief

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Author: Peter Yates, HOPC Editor-in-Chief

Artwork: The late Chris “Sticks” Bostick

Book Type: Downloadable PDF

Pages: 65 – large text

Published: May 2020


  • Cables for Strength and Muscular Development
  • Building the Biceps
  • Building the Triceps
  • Building the Shoulder Girth
  • Building the Back
  • Expanding the Chest with Chest Expanders
  • Lower Body Cable Training
  • Special Bonus


Enjoy this comprehensive muscle building cable course by Peter Yates, HOPC Editor-in-Chief and fully illustrated by the late Chris “Sticks” Bostick.
This downloadable PDF contains the fundamental principles of cable training along with step by step instructions and illustrations. An HOPC Exclusive and a MUST-READ!


“I’ve been using cables in my workouts for years as a supplement to weightlifting. This book creatively shows how they can be used on their own and still get a well rounded workout. It gives many informative ideas on not only the exercises, but home built equipment. With the artwork and photographs, it is very easy to follow and enjoyable to read. It rates 5 stars in my book!”-M. Talish

“After years of training with iron I’ve recently become a Cable fan and discovered their unique simple efficiency for creating resistance…. this course is excellent as it shows very efficient ways of training the whole body that’s portable with a minimum of equipment…. I’ve seen other instructions for cable training but they don’t match the inventiveness and detailed explanations of this course… I give this course five stars and highly recommend it for any serious trainer that wants to make gains.” – C. Anderson

“I am thoroughly enjoying Peter Yates’ Muscle Building Cable Course. The descriptions for the exercises and Chris’ incredible artwork are comprehensive and easy to follow. I am finding them to be quite effective in strengthening a chronic shoulder injury. I would also love to have this book in print to enjoy more leisurely, to further appreciate the artwork and as a quick reference. I give this book 5 Stars!” – K. Rosado

Muscle Building Cable Course

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