Part One of the Series

First in a Series – a total of ten articles written by ‘old-school’ lifting champions and the talented David F. Gentle, Physical Culture Historian, who together helped lay the foundation for weight training principles and systems to pass on to future generations.

Price: $9.95
Author (s): Multiple
Book Type: Downloadable PDF
Pages:75 Published: Feb. 2021

  • Should You Train Heavy by John Grimek
  • Training with Cinder Blocks by Louis Pontillo
  • Training on the Incline by David Gentle
  • Mighty Arms and How to Develop Them Fast by Earle Liederman
  • Training the Older Man by David Gentle
  • Dumbbell Side Press by Peter Yates
  • Try this Sixty-Minute Workout by John Grimek
  • Mighty Arms and How to Develop Them by John Grimek
  • Let’s All Swing by David Gentle
  • Training Without Weights by David Gentle
“There are more top champions of world-beating quality over 40 than ever before. This says a great deal for the power of modern bodybuilding techniques. Two of the greatest are Ed Corney (Pumping iron inset) and mighty Ken Keuhn” . Denie photos.-“Training the Older Man” by David Gentle

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