By the Late Ron Tyrrell, PC Historian & HOPC Contributing Writer

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Author: Ron Tyrrell, PC Historian & HOPC Contributing Writer
Artwork: Photo illustrations throughout
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Pages: 117
Published: Jan. 2021

Line-up of Strength Athletes

Table of Contents

  • Adrian P. Schmidt, A Triumph for Physical Culture
  • Alan P. Mead, The Human Anatomical Chart
  • Apollo, The Scottish Hercules
  • A Story of Two Dunkirk Veterans, Bob Iverson & Bob Jones
  • Jim Bradford, Gentle Strongman
  • Katie Sandwina, “Europe’s Queen of Strength & Beauty”
  • Marvelous Max, The Story of Maxick
  • Pioneers in Remedial Therapy
  • Professor Joseph Szalay, A Forgotten “Great” of the Iron Game
  • Random Memories of Court Saldo
  • The Abbreviated Workout, A Training Aide for the Working Man
  • The Multi-Talented Thomas Inch
  • The Story Behind the Photo, Maxick and Fred Storbeck
  • Wonderful Walker, The Story of Ron Walker
Ron Tyrrell, Historian
Historian Ron Tyrrell
taking a break in his Library
at his home in the UK

A fascinating series of insightful and informative articles and short biographies by the late Ron Tyrrell, Physical Culture Historian and HOPC Contributing Writer.

Ron was a prolific writer on all subjects related to Physical Culture history. We memorialize his memory by offering you a window into his life’s work.

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