By David F. Gentle, PC Historian and Author

Bert at his strongest and in a fighting mood. Posing at Highgate Ponds in 1938. Photo – David Gentle

“In a world of make believe, legends, myths, and dreams BERT ASSIRATI, was every wrestler’s nightmare. Almost ignoring the sacred rules of “kayfabe”, when Bert put on a submission hold and his victim tapped out, Bert was in the habit of not releasing his opponent until he had added a few extra squeezes to impress his point. ”
– David F. Gentle


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  • Mike Hallinan

    Hi David ;
    Can you send me your email address, I`ve been trying to contact you……..
    Best Mike Hallinan.

  • David Gentle

    Heres my email in case you lost it Mike, David, wanted any lists or posters of Assirati fighting down Southampton circa 1948-5os. thanks mate David

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