The Human Bridge – Hermann Goerner supporting nearly 4000 lb. on his shoulders! -Photo & caption from the book “Goerner the Mighty”.

From “Mighty Men of Old” Vol. I (n.d.) (Author unknown)

“Every great strong man owes some credit, at least, to the man who discovered him or instructed him in the Iron Game. If Arno Saxon hadn’t wandered into a gym in Leipzig one day and saw Otto Hennig, we wouldn’t have had any Arthur Saxon. If professor Louis Attila hadn’t given employment to young Frederick Mueller we might never have had our Sandow.

If the wealthy Dr. von Krajewski hadn’t invited young Hackenschmidt to train in his private gym we might not have had our “Russian Lion.” If the Cairo merchant, Abd. Bassoumi, hadn’t interested El Said Nossier in weight training we might never have had any Egyptian team.

Likewise Herman Görner, “Monarch of Strength,” owes his success and popularity to his mentor, Tromp Von Diggelen.   Van Diggelen, a South African, also discovered the great Max Sick, changed his name to Maxick and brought him to England and into world-wide prominence. Himself a renowned strong man, Von Diggelen still is active in the sport and often writes health articles. Diggelen is by profession an engineer. On his arm is tattooed the engineer’s insights of a hammer and calipers which somewhat resembles the Soviet hammer and sickle and his pet aversion is explaining that he is not a Russian Communist.

(c)Mighty Men of Old

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