By David F. Gentle


Price: $9.95

Authors: David F. Gentle

Artwork: Chris “Sticks” Bostick

Book Type: Downloadable PDF

Pages: 78

Published: May 2012


  • Muscle Builders for Big Arms
  • Muscle Builders for a Big Chest
  • Muscle Builders for Muscular Legs
  • Muscle Builders for a Tough Grip
  • Muscle Builders for Super Abdominals


The ‘Universe Systems’ we recommend are those that countless champions and successful bodybuilders have found to be the most result producing after decades of experimenting with the now science of bodybuilding. We no longer expect bodybuilders to train with ‘hit and miss’ methods until they finally discover what works for them. That said, the methods described in this book are different, so small shifts in your training will occur over time. For example, no one can tell you the exact poundage to use in exercises until you yourself begin working out.

Learn the best methods to build muscle! Bodybuilding Photos plus line art humor by the late Chris “STICKS’ Bostick.

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