Wayne Bridges, World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion

Wayne Bridges sadly passed away on March 8th, 2020. A huge funeral is planned and wrestlers from all over the world are expected to attend. David Gentle, PC Historian shares a some thoughtful insights about this great man.

“Wrestler, writer and MC nonpareil Frank Rimer informed me of the sad new that former heavyweight wrestling champion Wayne (Bill) Bridges has died, age 84.

Bill with wife Sarah were hosts of the Worlds Greatest Reunion of Wrestlers, the event taking place at the Bridges Pub, attended by 350-400 wrestlers and stars of the ring and movies. Bill himself, was once considered for the title roll of James Bond. Many famous names attended this renowned reunion including wrestlers from the days of Saturday night TV World of Sport, Mc Mc Manus, Jackie Pallo, and those who not only wrestled but also played movie rolls usually as villains e.g. Earle Maynard with the gold teeth, also many bodybuilders such as Spencer Churchill or John Lees.

This year in August it will be the 29th reunion. To say Bill will be missed is an understatement, his are shoes impossible to fill. We at davidgentle.com/HOPC offer our condolences to Sarah and Bills’ family. He has now joined those other gladiators in the ring in the sky.”-David Gentle

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