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"I cannot believe the vast amount of historical and up to date information in the HOPC library. Much included is extremely rare and would cost a fortune if it was even available. The price of admission would not cover even one piece that is contained therein. Besides all that is ready to start reading there are more items being added almost daily. Cannot recommend the library enough and i also feel good knowing that my contribution is helping to keep the HOPC site in operation." -P.Y., Library Member

What's in the HOPC Library?

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Strongmen throughout the history of mankind.. Books, articles reproductions, training programs and original works.. Weight training, isometrics, resistance training, strandpulling, feats of strength and much more!! l  Proceeds help fund our operating costs.

Choose from hundreds of historical books, articles, reproductions and original works from your favourite Iron Men, authors and writers transformed into user-friendly eBooks for your reading enjoyment!

From our Library - Muscle Building by Earle Liederman

Muscle Building by Earle Liederman Truly Earle Liederman's Finest Book!
217 pages of muscle-building information  including 90 fascinating photos of Iron Men that Liederman chose as his favorite picks from that era!  
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Our aim is to collect, preserve and make readily available historical information regarding physical culture. This includes material detailing early training methods and profiles of the colourful personalities who were the PC pioneers.  Also discover a wide variety of Modern-day training programmes and schedules to help build a strong and healthy body. 

Added to this large body of work are the collected articles of one of the Iron Game's most prolific writers, David Gentle and articles by our experienced and knowledgeable contributors.  

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Our Library continues to grow...

You will find articles, books, reproductions and original works from historians and authors such as:

 Apollon, Joe Bonomo, Siegmund Breitbart, Louis Cyr, Alfred Danks,  David Gentle, Hermann Goerner, George Hackenschmidt, Thomas Inch, George Jowett, Edward Jubinville, Siegmund Klein, Earle Liederman, Dan Lurie, Maxick, Harry Paschall, W.A. Pullum, Alfred Saldo, Eugen Sandow, Lionel Strongfort, Ronald Tyrrell, Tromp Van Diggelen, Ronald Walker, Peter Yates,  Alexander Zass, and many, many more!

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