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Plus Iron Man biographies featured throughout. 

20 Years After By Alfred Monte-Saldo
50 Exercises For Health & Strength By A. Wallace-Jones
A Blast From The Past By David Gentle
A Century Of Muscles - Part One By David Gentle
A Century Of Muscles - Part Two By David Gentle
A Christmas Training Session By Louis Pontillo  
A Great Aid To The Weightlifter By Court Saldo
A Manual Of Physical Training By Thomas Inch
A Selection Of Advertisements Featuring The Mighty Young Apollon From Health & Strength Magazine
A Short Life Story of Lionel Strongfort
A Superman - Maxick! By Tromp Van Diggelen
A Tribute To W. J. (Bill) Hunt Oct. 1909-Dec. 1989 By Peter Yates
A Unique Strength Building System By David Gentle
Abdominal Controls by Herbert Loveday
Adolph E. Nordquest Writes A Story Of His Athletic Career
Adrian P. Schmidt, A Triumph For Physical Culture By Ron Tyrrell
Advanced Non-Apparatus Training By Court Saldo
Adverts And The Achilles Course Brochure
Alan Mead Master Of "Peak Contraction" Training Principles By Charles Coster
Alan P. Mead Advertisement Reproduction
Alan P. Mead, "The Living Anatomical Chart"
Alan P. Mead, "The Living Anatomical Chart" By Ron Tyrrell (Cross-Refenced)
Alexander Zass The Amazing Samson By W.A. Pullum
Alfred Danks - Reproduction of an Advertisement in Superman Magazine
Alois P. Swoboda Advertisements From The Early 1900's
Amazing Grip Strength By David Gentle
An Interview With Gil Waldron By Peter Yates
An Interview With Paul Shaw By Peter Yates
An Old Timer Looks At Goerner By Kurt Hennig Saxon And Bob Hasse 
An Open Challenge To Joe Weider From Dan Lurie
And Now..Sandowism For The Nation
Anderson's Physical Education - Arranged And Compiled By William Gilbert Anderson, M.D.
Apollo - The Scottish Hercules
Apollo, Adonis And You By Tony Sansone
Apollon - Realizing A Boyhood Ambition By James Dudley
Are You Training? An In-Progress Journey Of A Reluctant Martial Artist By Tom Ingegno 
Arnold Betts - A Lifetime Of Physical Culture By Peter Yates
Articles From Health & Strength - Variety Published In Health & Strength In 1904 
Aston's Victories Over Max Sick & Inch By W.A. Pullum
Athaldo System Of Scientific Physical Culture By Don Athaldo
Author Saxon's Last Days By Bob Hasse
Back To The Roots By Peter Yates
Barbell 3 Week Speed Course by Joe bonomo
Barbell Exercises By Dr. Walter Chit Tun  
Behind The Training Schedule By George Walsh
Bert (Herbert) Loveday 1913 - 2002
Big Arms - How to Develop them by Bob Hoffman
Bill Pullman The Wizard Of Weightlifting By David Gentle
Blast From The Past by David Gentle
Bob Hoffman's Daily Dozen
Bobby Pandour (Wladyslaw Kurcharczyk) 1876 – 1920  by Roger  Fillary
Body Building New And Revised Edition By Eugen Sandow
Body Sculpture Club - For Giant Shoulders Course No.
Body Sculpture Club - Foundation Course No. 1
Body Sculpture Club - Foundation Course No. 2
Body Sculpturing Course (First Week) - George Jowett
Body Sculpturing Course (Second Week) - George Jowett
Bodybuilding By John Barrs
Body-Bulk By George Walsh
Bosco's Strength Note Book Volume 1 No 2 By H.B. Paschall
Broom's International Course Advert
Building Body Power by Joe Bonomo
Bullworker Full Range Fitness Training
Calcutta's Monohar Aich - Author Unknown
Chen Style Taiji - A Personal Odyssey Or: Taiji Quan - Say What?! By Chris Mcalister
Chest Controls By Herbert Loveday
Clancy Ross An Inspiration to Us All By David Gentle
Confessions Of A Course Collection by David Gentle
Dan Lurie's 'Muscle Training Illustrated
Dangers Of Athletic And Gymnastic Exercise By Alois P. Swoboda
Darwen Weightlifting Club By Peter Yates
David Jacob Blazer 1886 - 1940 By Roger Blazer (Grandson)
David Prowse, M.B.E., A Career Most Extraordinary by David Gentle
Deafness Of The Mind/Triumph Of The Spirit - The Story Of Kevin Fitzgerald By Peter Yates 
Dedicated To Dedication And Traditional Karate By Mike Talish   
Do It With Dumbbells By David Gentle
Dr. Robert Ferber, A Remarkable Man By Peter Yates
East Meets West By Peter Yates
Encyclopaedia Of Bodybuilding  By David Gentle
Eugen Sandow - An Appreciation By Alan Calvert
Eugen Sandow - The Non Pareil
Eugen Sandow By David Willoughby
Evolution Of Women Weight Trainers By David Gentle
Exercise by Thomas Inch
Exercise in Bed by Sanford Bennett
Facts & Fallacies Of Anatomic Type By George Walsh
Fascinating Feats Of Strength by David Gentle
First Steps In Muscle Control By Court Saldo
Flattening A Bulge By Court Saldo
Flexing Course By Antone Matysek
Form And Function: The Role Of Pre-Arranged Fighting Sets In Traditional East Asian Combat Arts By Peter Yates
Fundamentals Of Exercise And Strength Building By Harry L. Good
Gallery Of Ironmen -  Professor Iyer By David Chapman 
Go All Out For Strength In 1939 Says Mighty Apollon
Goerner The Mighty By Edgar Mueller
Goerner Was The Strongest Of Them All By Tromp Van Diggelen
Golden Oldies by David Gentle
Great Strength By Muscle Control By Maxick
Gripping Your Way To Strength By W. J. Hunt
Isometrics by Henry Wittenberg
Joe Bonomo's Barbell Training Routines (Including Dumbbells)
Handbook Of Free Gymnastics (Including Swedish System) And Dumb-Bell Exercises By Staff-Sergt. Moss
Health And Strength -  The Shortest Route And Fastest Time By Alex Whitely
Health, Strength And Will Power By Maxick & Saldo
Heavy Exercise and Sports by Dan Lurie
Hepburn's Law By John Myles
Herculean Hardware Vol. No. 3 By Chris "Sticks" Bostick
Herculean Hardware Volume No. 1 By Chris "Sticks" Bostick
Herculean Hardware Volume No. 2 By Chris "Sticks" Bostick
Home Gymnastics (For Health And Strength) By Professor Hoffmann
How I Got And Keep My Fighting Muscles By Jack Dempsey
How Maxalding Came To Be
How Steve Reeves Trained By John Grimek
How The Seeds Of Modern Pc Were Sown By W.A. Pullum
How To Acquire Super-Strength By Otto Arco
How To Become A Great Athlete By Maxick
How To Develop A Powerful Grip By Edward Aston
How To Develop Powerful Legs By Chas T. Trevor
How To Develop Strength Without Appliances By Edward Aston
How To Excel At Games And Athletics By A.M. Saldo
How To Get Strong And Stay So By William Blaikie 
How To Keep Fit And Like It By Arthur H. Steinhaus, Ph.D, M.P.E.
How To Learn Muscle Control By Otto Arco And Alan Calvert
How To Learn Muscle Control Second Lesson By Otto Arco And Alan Calvert
How To Learn Muscle Control Third Lesson By Otto Arco And Alan Calvert
How To Perform Strong Man Stunts By Ottley R. Coulter
How To Use A Barbell By W.A. Pullum
If Sandow Were Alive Today by Earle Liederman
Instructions Re Advanced Exercise By Thomas Inch
Intelligence In Physical Culture By Lionel Strongfort
Intelligence In Physical Culture By Max Unger
International Federation Of Physical Culture Leaflet - 'Type Training'
Is Bodybuilding A Dirty Word? By Randy Roach
Isometric Contraction System by Bob Hoffman
Isometric Contraction System Advance Course by Bob Hoffman**
It's Inspiration to watch Arthur Harris Work by Leroy Colbert
Jim Arthur Bartlett by Peter Yates
Jim Bradford, Gentleman Strongman By Ron Tyrrell
Joe Bonomo 'Power-Plus' Cable-Course By Joe Bonomo
Joe Bonomo's Golden Dozen Body Conditioners By Joe Bonomo
Joe Weider, "A Personal View" By David Gentle
John Lees, A Man Who Never Gave Up By David Gentle
Katie Sandwina By Ron Tyrrell
King Of Arm Strength - W.J. Hunt
Klein's Bell Series By Siegmund Klein  Vol. 1, No. 1  Vol. 1, No. 2  Vol. 1, No. 3  Vol. 1, No. 4  Vol. 1, No. 5  Vol. 1, No. 6  Vol. 1, No. 7  Vol. 1, No.8  Vol. 1, No.9 Vol. 1, No. 10
Larry Scott, First Even Mr. Olympia By David Gentle
Lessons In Wrestling & Physical Culture By Farmer Burns School Of Wrestling Lessons 1-3
Lessons in Wrestling & Physical Culture by Farmer Burns School of Wrestling Lesson 4
Lessons in Wrestling & Physical Culture by Farmer Burns School of wrestling Lesson 5
Life's Energy Through Strongfortism By Lionel Strongfort
Like Sandow, You Must Work For Fine Physique Says Young Apollon
Lionel Strongfort Advertisements
Lunch With A Legend By Peter Yates
Lung Busters By David Gentle
Man Mountain By Steve Maynard
Marvelous Max - The Story Of Maxick By Ron Tyrrell
Marvin Eder - Man of Might and Muscle by David Gentle  
Marvin Mercer, Wrestling Sensation By Dale Cedo
Maurice Robert Ainsworth 1927 - 2015 By Peter Yates
Max Sick Album
Maxalding A Treatise Explanatory By Courtlandt Saldo
Maxick - A Muscle Controller First By Court Saldo
Maxick From David P. Willoughby
Maxick Had Amazing Abdominal Strength By Court Saldo
Maxick The Superman By Edward Aston
Maxick: David Webster's "The Iron Game" By David Webster
Maxick's Astounding Challenge By Court Saldo
Maxick's Great Discoveries By Court Saldo
Medicare For Bodybuilders By David Gentle
Meeting With Monohar Aich: Mr. Universe 1952 By Vinaya Kumar  
Mighty Mac's Diy Protein Powder Recipe By "Sticks" Bostick
Milo Brinn "The Cannonball King" by David Gentle
Mind Over Muscle By David Gentle
Modern Weight-Lifting And How To Gain Strength By Edward Aston
Molding A Mighty Arm By George F. Jowett
Molding A Mighty Back By George F. Jowett
Molding A Mighty Chest By George F. Jowett
Molding A Mighty Grip By George F. Jowett
Molding Mighty Legs By George F. Jowett
Molding The Hips By George F. Jowett
Monohar Aich - An Endearing And Enduring Ambassador For Physical Culture By Ron Tyrrell
Monte Saldo - The Sculptor's Dream By Ron Tyrrell
Monte Saldo "The Greatest Of Trainers" By Ron Tyrrell
More Muscle Building Tips By David Gentle
Multi-Muscle Bar By Joe Weider
Muscle Builder - Bernarr Macfadden
Muscle Building In Six Months By Swami Shivanand Teerth
Muscle Building and Physical Culture Lesson One by George F. Jowett
Muscle Building and Physical Culture Lesson Two By George F. Jowett
Muscle Control By Bishu Charan Ghosh B.Sc & Barbell Exercise By Keshub Ch. Sen Gupta, B.A.
Muscle Control By Thomas Inch
Muscle Control and The Bodybuilder  by Herbert Loveday
Muscle Control Or Body Development By Will-Power By Maxick
Muscle Development & Control-3 - April  By Vic Alderson
Muscle Development & Control-4 - May  By Vic Alderson
Muscle Moulding By Harry B. Paschall
Muscle Power and Beauty by Bernarr Macfadden
Muscles Of The Body And How To Develop Them By Link House Publications Ltd.
Muscular Development & Control-5 - May By Vic Alderson
Muscular Development And Control-2 - March By Vic Alderson
Muscular Development, 9th Edition By Earle E. Liederman
Muscular Power By Siegmund Breitbart
My Approach to Competitive Powerlifting  By George Hummel as Told to Bob Hoffman
My Breathing System by Lieut. J.P. Muller
My First Kung-Fu Teacher, Ezekiel Daniels (Zeek) Bu Gregory Winder
My Personal Journey Into Physical Culture By Adam Stavast
My System By Lieut. J.P. Muller
Nature Always Compensates By George Walsh
Nature's Way To Health - A Treatise Explanatory Of Maxalding  By Monte Saldo
Noe's Graduated Xercisors and Massagers for Men, Women and Children by Roy H. Noe
Now For The Legs By Herbert Loveday
Old Books And Barbells By David Gentle
Olympic Weight-Lifting & Body-Building For All By Jim Halliday
Overtraining And Energy Levels By David Gentle
Owning The Weight By Peter Yates
Pectoral Perfection Via Muscle Control By Court Saldo
Perfect Health Gained With Muscle-Control By James Evans
Perfect Physique By K.V. Iyer, D.Ph.E.
Perhaps You Are A Potential Record-Breaker By A.  Monte Saldo
Peter Yates Interviews Ron Tyrrell
Philosophy, Science And Practice Of Maxalding Parts 1 - 6 By Juan Antonio Martínez Rojas (Ph.D)
Physical Culture By Muscular Resistance And Breathing Exercises By Prof. Edward Ittmann
Physical Culture City with Bernarr Macfadden
Physical Culture Fallacies By Thomas Inch
Physical Culture For Beginners - Without The Aid Of Appliances By F.J. Macdonald  
Physical Culture In The World Of Comics By Harry Hayfield
Physical Culture Of Wrestling - Farmer Burns School Of Wrestling Omaha
Physical Culture Series Wills Cigarettes
Physical Culture With Resisting Exercises By Bernarr A. Macfadden     
Physical Sculpture By David Gentle
Pioneers In Remedial Therapy By Ron Tyrrell
Poppa Joe Assirati: The Last Of The Golden Links  By David Gentle
Prescription Of Exercises - "Standwell Course By T.W. Standwell
Prof. Attila's Five Pound Dumb-Bell Exercise
Prof. J. Chandrashekhar- A Great Muscle.. By Court Saldo
Professor Dowd's Original Health Exerciser (1878) By W.A. Pullum
Professor Joseph Szalay-Forgotten Great.. By Ron Tyrrell
Program From New York World's Fair 1939 - Bernarr Macfadden Foundation
Progressive Physical Home Training By Tony Sansone
Promotional Material From The Jowett Institute - 1957-1958
Push and Pull Training by Kenny Guess
Random Memories Of Court Saldo (F.H.C. Woollaston) By Ron Tyrrell
Relaxation, The Key to MUSCLE CONTROL  by Herbert Loveday
Rippling Deltoids by Herbert Loveday
Reproduction from promo leaflet “Physical Culture Wrestling”
Reproduction of 1910 advertisement of Maxick and Saldo
Remarkable Threefold Health Offer - Eugen Sandow By The London Edition Of The Daily Telegraph
Ronald Walker Championship Course By Ron Walker
Ronald Walker Collection Of Letters And Course Material
Roy Adam's Muscle Art By David Gentle 
Sandow - My Impressions When We First Met By Earle Liederman 
Sandow's Developer Modele Perfectionne By Eugen Sandow
Sandow's Easy Way To Strength
Sandow's Magazine
Sandow's Sensational Victories Over Cyclops And Sampson By W.A. Pullum
Sandow's Spring Grip Dumb-Bells
Sandow's System of Physical Training Edited by G. Mercer Adam
Scientific Bodyculture By Ian Macqueen, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.R.C.S.
Scientific Weight-Lifting By Thomas Inch
Screwball (Holes In His Head) Died A Millionaire By Michael Fallon
Secrets Of Strength By Earle Liederman 
Selective Bodybuilding by David Gentle
Self Defense and Physical Fitness by Antonino Rocca
Shoulder Controls by Herbert Loveday
Sifu Luo Guo Hua (1946-2016) By Peter Yates
Sifu Luo Guo Hua By Gregory Winder     
Simplified System Of Swing Barbell Training By Bob Hoffman
Single Handed by David Gentle
Single Handed Strength In Ancient Times
Size & Strength - Eugen Sandow The King Of Bodybuilding By Dr. Terry Todd & Paul Anderson
Some Practical Hints On Heavy Weight-Lifting By Edward Aston
Something New' Physical Culture Up-To-Date By Thomas Inch
Something Really New! By W.A. Pullum
Spalding's Book On Boxing And Physical Culture By Thomas Inch
Spalding's Muscle Building By Luther Gulick, M.D. (1865 - 1918)
Special Prescription For Home Exercise By Eugen Sandow
Spencer Churchill, a bodybuilder before his time by David Gentle
Squat or Not By Doug Briggs PH.D., CSCS,*D, RSCC,*D
Still Breaking Records (W.J. Hunt) By W.A. Pullum
Still Going Strong At 100 In 2012 - Monohar Aich, Mr. Universe 1952 
Streamlines - A Course Of Free-Hand Exercises By Ramesh Balsekar
Strength and Health by Viking  
Strength And How To Obtain It By Eugen Sandow
Strength In Ancient Times by David Gentle
Strength Secrets By Apollon
Strength Secrets By Thomas Inch  
Strong Arms For Men, Women And Children By Anthony Barker
Strong Men As I Knew Them
Strong Men I Have Known - George Jowett By Earle E. Liederman
Strongfortism - The Complete Course By Lionel Strongfort
Super Physique - Body-Building Barb-Bell Course By Siegmund Klein    
Supermen I Have Known By A. Monte Saldo
Syd Baker, "The Man In Bronze" From Health & Strength Magazine
System And Principles Of Bodybuilding By David Gentle
Ten Minutes a Day by James Evans
Tensile Contraction - Master Build
That's Muscle Control By Ed Jubinville
The 75th Anniversary Of The Dunkirk Evacuation
The A To Z Of Balancing With Dynamic Strength By W.J. Hunt
The Abbreviated Workout By Ron Tyrrell
The Alexander Zass Statue
The Arrival Of Eugen Sandow By W.A. Pullum
The Art Of Contest Posing By David Gentle
The Art Of Muscling Out By George F. Jowett 
The Artistry of Frank Zane by David Gentle
The Mighty Mitts of Paul Shaw  by David Gentle
The Athletes' Guide To Health And Physical Fitness By G.S. Greene & P.A. Marrinan
The Black Prince "Peter Jackson" By Daniel Carter
The Bosco System Of Progressive Physical.. By Harry B. Paschall
The Case For Exercise By W.A. Pullum
The Chest Expander By Alfred Danks
The Comeback - Part Two By Peter Yates
The Course Brochure By Don Dorans
The Danks 'Rapid' Forearm Developer And Wrist Strengthener By Alfred Danks
The Danks System Of Physical Culture
The Development Of Physical Power By Arthur Saxon
The Doctors Examine Sandow By Martin Franklin
The Don Dorans Progressive Strength Increasing System By Don Dorans
The First Course In Body Building And Muscle Development Exercises
The Full Breitbart Course By Siegmund Breitbart
The Great Saxon Trio By Bill Klein & W.A. Pullum
The House That Broom Built by h. broom
The Inch Leverage Exercises  By Thomas Inch
The Indian Club Exercises By D. Kehoe
The International Way By H. Broom
The Keynote To Great Strength By Harry L. Good
The Larger Aspect Of Muscle Control By Alan Calvert
The Lats and The Traps By Herbert Loveday
The Legendary Steve Reeves By David Gentle
The Lifting Cure By David P. Butler
The Mighty Young Apollon Wall Chart
The Miracle Of Might By George F. Jowett
The 'Mr. Britain' Course By Don Dorans
The Multi-Talented Thomas Inch By Ron Tyrrell
The Original Power-Plus Course From.... By Joe Bonomo
The Physical Superman by Edward Aston
The Physical Superman - Why Large Muscles ... By Edward Aston
The Principles And Benefits Of Muscle Control  By Herbert Loveday
The Real Art Of Posing By Monte Saldo
The Reg Park System Of Cable Training
The Russian Lion (George Hackenschmidt) By Monte Saldo
The Sandow Story By W. Arthur Long
The Science And Art Of Physical Development By W.R. Pope
The Science Of Muscular Development 1904 By Albert Treloar
The Science Of Wrestling And The Art Of Jiu-Jitsu By Earle E. Liederman
The Skill of Muscle Control by Tom and Ken Woodward
The Stebbing Course By Lionel Stebbing
The Story Behind The Picture -  Maxick And Fred Storbeck
The Story Of Jesse James By Norman Miller
The Story Of Ron - Author Unknown
The Strongest Man That Ever Lived By George F. Jowett 
The Strongfort Advanced Course
The Subtle Principle Of Success By Alois P. Swoboda
The Super Routine
The Swoboda Natural Law of Supreme Life and Health by Alois P. Swoboda
The Text Book Of Weight-Lifting By Arthur Saxon
The Three Apollons By David Gentle
The Training Of A Teenager By Peter Yates
The Trevor Advanced Course Of Scientific Physical Development - Chart
The True Story Of Goerner's Record Dead Lifts By Edgar Muellar
The Unliftable Dumbell By Thomas Inch
The Voluntary Control Of The Muscles-1 By Vic Alderson, D.I.P.D., D.I.S.H., C.P.T.J.
The Way To Live In Health & Physical Fitness By George Hackenschmidt
The York Handbalancing Course No. 1 By Bob Hoffman
The York Handbalancing Course No. 2 By Bob Hoffman
Thomas Inch, A Great Briton By David Gentle
Those Great Old-Timers By Edward Aston
Three Ways To A Broad Back By Court Saldo
Tips For Health And Strength For Busy People By Adrian Peter Schmidt
Tough Teeth By David Gentle
Training For Great Strength By Chas T. Trevor
Training With An Injury - Part One By Peter Yates 
Tromp Van Diggelen's Account Of His Meeting With Eugen Sandow
Try Dips For Development By David Gentle
Tyler Lurie, Following In Grandfather's Footsteps By Peter Yates
Unusual Exercises By David Gentle
Upper Arms Control by Herbert Loveday
Variety Adds By David Gentle
Vibro Power By Joe Bonomo
Vintage Poster of Jasper Redfern's Variety Entertainment event
Waiting For The Weights By David Gentle
Wall Chart - Scientific Physical Culture The Apollon Way
Want A Cast Of Your Body?  The Story Of The Famous Sandow Statue
Wearable Weights & Odds and Ends by Chris "Sticks Bostick
Weight Lifting By W.A. Pullum 
Weight Training For All Sports By David Gentle
Weights Are Great By W.A. Pullum
What Happens When A Lifter Takes To The Ring By Ed Theriault
What Is A Physique Like Sandow's By George R. Weaver
Will & Nerve Force In Relation To Physical By Thomas Inch
Will The Real Martial Artist Please Stand Up By Peter Yates
Wonderful Walker, The Story Of Ron Walker By Ron Tyrrell
York Advanced Methods Of Weight Training By Bob Hoffman
You Are As Strong As You Wish To Be By Maxick And Ray Van Cleef
Young Sandow's Own Story By Adolph E. Nordquest
Your Know-How To Super Strength By Dan Lurie

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